Zack Greinke Inside Pitches vs RHH on 3-2 Counts

Padres CEO, Tom Garfinkel, stated the following in an interview:

Garfinkel told the crowd he saw a heat map, which highlights the locations a pitcher has targeted in the past, and that it showed over the last three years Greinke had not thrown a single pitch on a 3-2 count to right-handed hitters on the inner half of the plate.


Since 2007 until his last start, here are the locations off every pitch Zack Greinke has thrown on a 3-2 count against right-handed hitters:


Zack definitely comes in side about 1/3 of the time (36.7%). If the definition of inside is pushed to the inner quarter of the plate, the percentage drops to 13.5%. I would love to see the heat map Mr. Garkinkel was examining.

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