Updates – Heatmaps, Projection Comparisons and Prospect Ranking

A few updates have been visible recently and they are finalized.

1. Added the option to set the dates when comparing a¬†Batter’s Swinging or Looking Strike Zone or a Batter’s Run Value Heat Map.

Players can now be compared to how they perform over time.

2. Added Marcels Pitcher and Batter Similarity Projections

These 2 functions take a player’s Marcel projection and then finds players with similar projections. Besides finding similar players, it shows how those players actually performed.

3. I started populating a prospect area. I am looking to link reports on prospects in one place. Besides including links to the articles, I have included an option to rate a player’s pitching or hitting motions.

I will populate with articles/videos I find. It will probably be Royal centric for a while. If any wants anyone added from any team, even undrafted, left me know and I will add them. Also, if someone would like to help, let me know.

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