Two New Leaderboards - Edge% and wBABIP

I have written a couple articles recently at FanGraphs on wBABIP and Edge%. I have added the two metrics to the pitcher application menu.


From the Rotographs article:

The idea behind using wBABIP is to see if a pitcher gave up an abnormally high number of extra base hits. The the cause of the extra base hits could have been from the pitcher throwing meatballs or slow footed outfielders. The goal is to see if the damage done from batted balls was evenly distributed or were there some extreme cases.

As a whole, I didn’t find the enhancement on BABIP was really needed. Not enough extra information can be extracted from wBABIP to use it in addition to BABIP. Initially, I though I would find a little extra information on some pitchers. In the end, I found wBABIP was just overkill.


From the FanGraphs article:

Pitchers can be productive with a Zone% around 45%. The key is to limit the amount of pitches right down the middle of the plate. A pitcher needs to throw at the inside and outside edges of the strike zone. Pitches near the edge of the plate are hard to hit solidly.

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