Terrance Gore

8/6/13 - Scouting the SAL: Terrance Gore by Aaron Somers at Grading on the Curve

There’s a lot of talent here, no question, and he has the mindset and ability to advance quickly. But his struggles at the plate will have to be overcome in order for him to make any real progress in the minors. He basically has no power in his bat, so his game will have to be as a slashing, spray hitter if he is to succeed. With such great speed, even a slight increase in hitting the ball on the ground will raise his BA dramatically. If he can maintain even a .250 BA/.330 OBP (one or the other), he’s a significant asset in the majors. Swiping 50 in the show is no stretch, at all.

1/7/13 - Terrance Gore: showing that speed can make a baseball player - By Spencer Schneier at Beyond The Box Score

Gore resembles players like Juan Pierre and Scott Podsednik, in that he will probably post SLGs lower than his OBPs, but his OBPs will be high enough (and their defense good enough) to be 1-2 win players. His worst-case scenario due to his speed and defense is a 4th outfielder.

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