Reports From Day 1 of KJCCC Tournament

On this past Friday, I was able to attend the four games of the Jawhawk Conference’s (Region VI) Junior College Baseball Championship. Here are my thoughts on some of the players I saw.
Note: For the stats on any player, go to the Leaders stats page for the KJCCC and then click on the player’s Team at the bottom right.



Chad Thomas – Fresh, 5’8”, 175 lbs, RH
He threw side arm at an all right-handed Steward County lineup and ate them up. His fastball was at 82-84 mph with a 72-74 mph curve. He only allowed two runs and struggled the fourth time through the lineup. I expected him to have problems the 2nd time, but he was able to keep Steward’s lineup guessing.

Lucas Milner – Fresh, 5’11”, 180 lbs, RH
His delivery was unique. He looked like it was going to have submarine style release, but then flicked the ball across the plate with only his wrist and elbow. His fastball was 78-79 mph and he showed a change.


Rodolfo Oleta– Soph, 5’9, 180, S/L
All the athletic shortstop seemed to do was make solid contact while batting second in Coffeyville’s lineup. He has a line drive swing with acceptable speed. On defense he showed outstanding range with an OK arm.

TJ Sparr – Fresh, 6’1 220, R/R
He is an offensive weapon with above average speed and game power. He can use his speed to cover the field as shown by a catch he made deep into left field foul territory.

Seward County


JB Olson – Soph, 6’2, 180, RH
He used a ¾ release. His fastball was 86-88 with little horizontal movement, but a ton of sink. I tracked him with 15 GB, 7 LD and 3 FB. He threw an 83 mph slider/change (not a good pitch). Additionally, he threw a 76 mph curve. He was a strike thrower and allowed only one walk.

Jacob Hernandez - Fresh, 6’4, list at 160, closer to 260. LH
He had a high ¾ release with a downhill plain. He lived in the bottom of the strike zone. His fastball was 83-85 mph and flashed 88 once. Additionally he had a 74-77 mph curve

Grant Glaze – Soph, 6’6, 215, RH
A tall kid with a ¾ release point. His pitches seemed easy to pick up from his release. His fastball was 85-87 mph, he also had a 68-70 curve.


Brent Williams, Soph, 6’3, 180, R/R

He is a center piece of Seward’s offensive juggernaut. It is nice when one of top hitters is also a great defensive catcher (2.2 pop times). He hit a 395 fly ball to the deepest part of the park. Besides the near home run he hit two other balls to the warning track. Williams does keep on the catcher of tradition by having below average speed.

Fort Scott


Matt Hicks, Fresh, 6’4, 192, RH
He had a ¾ release point. His fastball had some release side run and was between 77-78 mph. His slider was at 69-70 and 64 mph curve. While wasn’t the hardest thrower, he knew how to pitch with good command.

Matt Peterson, Soph, 6’1, 180, RH
He threw from unique mix of submarine and sidearm. His fastball varied in speed from 69-84 mph. All his pitches where low which led to seven walk vs three strikeouts.


Trey Hair, Soph, 5’10, 175, L/R
I got to see one of favorites from last year’s NBC tournament in left-handed hitting Trey Hair. He has some amazing quick hands and is able to hit any pitch all over the field. While I saw him play 2B this past summer, he was playing shortstop for Fort Scott. He is able to use his speed (4.25 to 1B) to cover the field and become a threat on the base paths.

Johnson County


Matt McHugh, Soph, 6’3, 210, RH
Got rocked by Fort Scott. He allowed 7 hits and 2 walks in only 1.1 innings. His stuff seemed better, but the Fort Scott hitters were easily seeing his pitches. He had an 87-88 mph fastball with release side run. He also had a 69-71 mph curve with 10-4 break.

Wally Nellor, Fresh, 6’1 165, LH
He threw from a ¾ release point. He had a violent delivery, especially on the back end of his windup. His fastball was 75-77 mph with a 71-73 mph change and a plus 66 mph curve.

Derek Hurt, Soph, 6’1, 180, LH
He had a smooth repeatable ¾ release with an 82-84 mph fastball and 70 mph curve which is hittable.


Anthony Miller, Soph, 6’4, 240, L/R
I came into the game wanting to concentrate on home run hitting Miller, but Fort Scott was in the mood to ruin my day by walking him three times. He bats with an open stance and swings for the fences. Defensively, he is limited to first base.

Sean Urlich, Soph, 6’2, 190, R/R
He is an athletic player who just hasn’t been able to get the results on the field. He didn’t do anything to stand out, but did post a 4.3 time to first base.

Neosho County


Matt Slauter, Soph, 6’3, 180, RH
He had a repeatable delivery from a ¾ arm slot with a little deception. His fastball was at 82-83 with an 75-77 11/5 curve which generated quite a few groundballs.

Trent Latta, 5’10, 165, RH
He threw from a ¾ release with an 83-84 mph fastball and a 74 mph change.


Jonah Bride, 5’11, 195, Fresh, R/R
The few times I have seen him, he hasn’t live up to the expectations around him. He is a groundball/line drive hitter who continually puts the ball in the play and hopes the defense makes a mistake. He doesn’t punish the ball.

Dodge City


Luke Crabb, Soph, 6’2, 190, RH
He has a smooth low ¾ release. His fastball was at 77-81 mph and he showed a curve at times.

Matthew Perea, Fresh, 6’2, 170, LH
The southpaw came at hitter with an 83-84 mph fastball with quite a bit of life. He also had a 69-70 mph change. He had issues throwing strikes, but was inserted into the game after an hour time delay.


Leno Ramirez, 5’8, 190, Soph, L/R
As far as I know is he hits line drives. He was just smoking the ball. Additionally, he played good defense at 3B with a nice arm.

Butler County


Corbin Osburn, Fresh, 5’11, 190, L/L
The lefty threw a 79-81 mph fastball, 68 change and a 64 curveball.

Cowley County


Parker Rigler, Soph, 6’0, 175, LH
He threw from a high ¾ arm slot and kept the ball down in the strike zone with an 83-85 mph fastball.


Garrett Benge, Fresh, 6’0, 190, L/R
We have finally gotten to the probable conference player of the year, Garrett Benge and his 1.604 OPS. When I saw him previously, he just tore up Neosho County. During this game against Butler, he looked human. Butler used a left-handed pitcher and kept the ball out of the heart of the plate. I expect him to have the talent for the top five rounds of this year’s MLB draft.

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