Quick Thoughts on Jarrod Parker’s Injury

Jarrod Parker experienced arm fatigue in his Game 3 start,  but he may be available tonight in relief. Here is a quick look at what went wrong in his last start. Also how to check to see if has the same issues tonight or later in the playoffs if the A’s win.

Both of the issues can be seen is this graph from brooksbaseball.net.


In the 5th inning, a couple of items happened. He abandoned his change and slider and went with his fastball only. Also, he lost about 3 mph on his fastball in the 5th inning. He went from throwing 91-92 mph to 88 to 89 mph. Basically, he could only throw was a slower version of his fastball.

If he pitches again in the playoff, I would be monitoring his average fastball velocity (needs to stay in the 91 to 92 mph range. Also, he needs to mix in some breaking balls.

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