Quick Thoughts: Adam Wainwrights 1st Inning Struggles and Release Point Volatility

I am doing some research on a high release point volatility and 1st inning struggles.  I noticed the possible correlation looking at James Shields and Yu Darvish. The theory is it takes a while for these pitchers to setting in and by then the damage could be done.

While running the numbers, Adam Wainwright’s name showed up having an inconsistent release point similar to Darvish and Shields. Here are the results of the three pitchers and the league values. The first inning is usually harder for a pitcher because they face the top of the lineup, but these three struggle more than normal.

Name 1st IP ERA 2nd to 3rd IP ERA Difference Ratio
Wainwright 6.09 2.23 3.86 2.7
Shields 6.09 2.48 3.61 2.5
Darvish 5.91 1.83 4.08 3.2
League 4.30 4.11 0.19 1.0

Here are their 2013 release points curiosity of FanGraphs (Zimmerman added for reference for a pitcher with a consistent release point):









Tonight, I would watch to see how long it takes for Wainwright to settle in and if the Red Sox can take advantage of his past 1st inning struggles.

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