Pitchers Shutdown for the 2014 Season

I am going to key a list of pitchers who will be shutdown or likely to be shutdown for the rest of the 2014 season. I will be adding to the list as more name become available. I am not going speculate on who may or may not. I want some comment from the player or team. Next to each name is a link to an article which states why the pitcher as been shutdown. Feel free bookmark this page as I will add to it as more names become known to me.

Officially Shutdown
Homer Bailey - Reds - injury without starting rehab (link)
Yu Darvish - Rangers - injury without starting rehab (link)
Drew Smyly - Rays - maybe one more start (link)
Brad Ziegler -D-backs - needs knee surgery (link)
Mat Latos - Reds - Bruise bone (link)
Daniel Hudson - D-backs - resting for 2015    (link)
Dallas Keuchel - Astros - no reason given (link)
Oliver Perez - D-backs - dead arm (link)

Likely to be shutdown
Chase Anderson - D-backs (link)
Jake deGrom - Mets - innings limit (link)

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2 thoughts on “Pitchers Shutdown for the 2014 Season

  1. Hello Jeff,

    I love the work that baseball heat maps has done, and frequently like to source your batter leader boards in my articles on fake teams.com. The reason i’m writing to you today is that for the last two weeks, i haven’t been able to open these leader boards. I’ve had error messages and recommendations to check MYSQL settings, when in the past, it worked just fine. I wanted to know if there was anything i could do, to get this data available to me again. Thank you for all the great work you guys do here.


    Jack Cecil

  2. The leaderboards should be up now. They have been dropping because of some bad data (we think) and need to remove it.

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