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In 2008 my brother asked me to look at this Pitch FX data that mlb was releasing. He showed me some people who had some scripts that downloaded it and put it into a mysql database. I edited the scripts to run throughout the year in under 30 minutes, and export the data for anyone to download. Below is the database updated daily in the season. If you have any issues please comment or email me.

During the season I use a scheduled task that runs 4 commands.
1. Download the Pitch f/x files from MLB.
2. Import the data from the files.
3. Update the database with the pitch count.
4. Extract and zip the files for download.

Download Current Pitch F/X Database here

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4 thoughts on “Pitch FX Download

  1. First of all, this is awesome.

    Am I doing something wrong or does this file only go up to June 1st of 2011? Is there a more up to date file or should I run those Perl scripts to get the data since then?

  2. J, Sorry for the confusion. It appears when I updated the pbp2.zip location on the server I didn’t change the link to the new file. We used to host the download at my site http://www.wantlinux.net, but we moved it, and these were the last scripts to move. If you download the file you will have all the current data.


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