Noel Arguelles

5/3/13 - FanGraphs - Marc Hulet

Overall, I’d have a hard type placing more than a 40-45 future grade on Arguelles’ command/control unless he makes some adjustments to his delivery and mechanics. It’s definitely a stretch to think he’ll be ready for a permanent big league role in 2014 — although he could perhaps be hidden in the bullpen as a multiple-inning, mop-up reliever.

9/27/12 - Scouting Report: Noel Arguelles - I R Fast - Clint Hulsey

At 6-4 220, the tall lefty has a high leg kick in his delivery. With a fastball that was just at 91 MPH (Scouting reports that I read say that the fastball is usually about 92 MPH), it provides a bit of deception, but could also throw off his mechanics. He was very fastball heavy in this outing. The pitched stayed high, but he could jam lefties with it. In his career he really hasn’t been anymore effective against lefties than his righties (perhaps suggesting that this approach hasn’t been effective or he hasn’t been doing it often). In fact, this year, he has reverse splits, meaning he has been worse against lefties.

His curveball stayed way too high too often and wasn’t very impressive.when he gets it down. Overall, it looked okay.  Because the ball stays so high, he was giving up a lot of fly-balls.  It really helps when he can locate his fastball low.

12/30/12 - Collection of Minor League Velocity from I R Fast by Clint Hulsey
Fastball Velocity = 91-92

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