Example of how the data can be used:
Before the 2010 season, Jose Bautista had a mini-breakout with 10 of his13 HRs coming in August 2009. A person may want to see the chance for Bautista to breakout the next season. By selecting his 2010 projection and selecting players with similar stats, age and reliability, no player performed better than Bautista in OPS. The next closest player was Charles Johnson when he went from a 0.753 OPS in in 1999 to 0.961 OPS in 2000. Bautista's OPS went from 0.757 to 0.995.

Note: Reliability means the amount of player data vice league average data used for the projection. Players or part-timers will have lower reliability then players that have been playing full time for 3+ years.