Batted Ball Location

Infield on or off?
Infield Distance: 
Number of angle zones to split the field into.

Select Hit Type:
Home Runs

Number of outfield zones.
Equation for this is 550 feet - infield distance split evenly into zones. Default example infield of 100 and outfield split into 5 zones is 90 feet per zone.

Select a valid start and stop dates with all fields filled in or no data will be generated.
Start Date
End Date

Pitch Type (Leave blank for all)
CH, Change-up
CU, Curveball
EP, Ephuus
FA, Fastball
FC, Cut Fastball
FF, 4-Seam Fastball
FS, Split-finger Fastball
FT, 2-Seam Fastball
KC, Knuckle Curve
KN, Knuckleball
SC, Screwball
SI, Sinker
SL, Slider
UN, Unknown


Overview - The data is collected from MLB with the x-y coordinates converted to a distance (feet) and an angle. The location of each ball is where the ball was fielded, not where it actually landed. I know that the data is not ideal, but until Hit FX is available, it is the best/only freely available data.