DL and Injury Articles

Dodgers Take on the DL - ESPN
DL Time Affects Production - Insidethebook
Brewers Hold One Day Event on Injuries - Journal Sentinal, Milwaukee Wisconsin
Stem Cells and James Andrews - ESPN
Baseball Players Should Use Subconscious Thoughts When Playing - Washington Post
Beating Pre-Season Projections by Limiting Injuries - FanGraphs (more at ESPN)
Nationals’ macho attitude toward injuries is killing their season - Thomas Boswell - The Washington Post
Tired Baseball - Peter Gammons - BaseballAnalytics.org
Herm Schneider is team’s secret weapon - Jeff Passen at Yahoo! Sports
Age, Position, And Injury Risk In Baseball - RK at No Little Plans

Pitching Injuries
Correct Mechanics - ESPN
Fastball Speed Reliability From Players Returning From DL - Fangraphs
Curve Ball and Slider Usage Increases DL Chance - Fangraphs
Starting Pitcher DL Prediction (Part 1 and Part 2) - Fangraphs
Starting Pitcher DL Stats (Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3) - Fangraphs
Pitching Injuries - Next Frontier  (Closers Centered) - SBNation
History of Pitching Injuries (Ranger Centered) - Jonah Keri
The Glory and the Pain of Pitching (by Bob Ojeda) - New York Times
Shifting Wisdom on Pitch Counts (long toss and rehab discussed) - ESPN
Baseball pitch counts don’t predict injuries: study - by Ivan Oransky - Reuters
Injury Chances for Strike-Throwers - FanGraphs
Tommy John Surgery Aging Curve - BBHM
Baseball Therapy, What Really Predicts Pitcher Injuries? by Russell A. Carleton - Baseball Prospectus
Velocity Loss and Mechanics Behind Loss by Doug Thorburn at Baseball Prospectus
How the White Sox Keep Their Pitchers Healthy -  CSNChicago.comWhite Sox trainer
The Glass Arm - Inside the art and science (but mostly still art) of keeping pitchers from getting hurt. By Will Leitch - New York Magazine
Mobility Issues Affecting Release Points - Mike Reinold.com
Are Groundball Pitchers More Injury Prone? - FanGraphs
Understanding (Pitcher) Long Toss Programs - MikeReinold.com
New science, strategy may halt rate of arm injuries - Anthony Castrovince at MLB.com
College Pitch Counts and Injuries - by Dustin Palmateer at Baseball Prospectus
Overuse of young pitchers fueling MLB’s Tommy John surgery problem by Tom Verducci
Matt Moore faces Tommy John surgery in rare fate for Rays but increasing one in MLB by Jay Jaffe
100 MPH = Tommy John Surgery? FanGraphs
A Primer on Tommy John Surgery: Part One - The Hardball Times
A Primer on Tommy John Surgery: Part Two - The Hardball Times

Stephen Strasburg Shutdown Articles
Pushing the Limits - ESPN
Call it the never-ending debate - ESPN (best article on subject)
Why Strasburg shouldn’t be shut down - ESPN
A National Mistake - Grantland
National concern: Will Stephen Strasburg’s body allow him to develop an all-time body of work? - Yahoo!

Specific Injuries
Batter Concussions - Fangraphs
Appendix - Fangraphs
Wrist Injuries for Hitters (several other links in the article) - Fangraphs
Hitters’ Back Injuries - Fangraphs
Fractured Ankles (Ellsbury) - Fangraphs
Are Catcher Masks behind catcher concussions - TwinCities.com
Masks and Catcher Concussions - MLB.com
The Possibly Injury Prone Jacoby Ellsbury - RK at No Little Plans
Effects of a Major Knee Injury - RotoGraphs
Hitter Thumb Injuries - RotoGraphs
How serious is Michael Wacha’s scapular stress injury? - Beyondtheboxscore
Gut check: Core muscle injuries and their effect on the Detroit Tigers - Beyondtheboxscore
Carlos Gonzalez, Garrett Richards and patellofemoral injuries - Beyondtheboxscore
Hamstring Injury Return Times - RotoGraphs

Affects on Production
Are healthy diets the next MLB market inefficiency? - Royal Blues Minda Haas
In which 2 MiLB insiders thoroughly dismantle my idea -  Royal Blues Minda Haas
Clenching Left Hand Could Help Athletes Avoid Choking Under Pressure - Science Daily
Healthy Diet is a Part of a Player’s Regimen - MLB.com
Nutrition, better eating catching on in Diamondbacks clubhouse - AZ Start

A Dummy’s Guide to PEDs by Shaun Assael in ESPN the Mag

Valley of the Suns - ESPN Network

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