Definition of Pressing in Baseball

I heard a player is pressing more and more by managers, so I wanted to come up with a definition for it.  With the help of the writers at Fangraphs, here the best definition I could come up with:

A significantly different/unnatural plate approach by a hitter that is leading to undesirable results.


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One thought on “Definition of Pressing in Baseball

  1. Not bad but “different/unnatural” doesn’t work as a duo-word; they’re meanings are too different; their fit too unnatural. How about “Pressing: the attempt to apply coached or self-assigned batting techniques beyond a batter’s traditional and comfortable approach.” Or “Pressing: When typically desirable traits of studiousness, discipline, and training collide with instinct, athleticism and raw talent in a way that produces declining results.” Or, “When identifying a negative trend in his/her batting productivity, a batter attempts new swing variations and plate approaches that simultaneously feel unnatural and produce even further reductions in productivity.”

    Mt first visit to your website. I like it. Thanks!

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