D.J. Peterson – New Mexico – 2013 Draft Prospect

I was able to see D.J. Peterson at Arizona State on March 13th. Here are my thoughts on the right handed junior.

• Primarily pitched outside with nothing inside. I was too far away to get good readings on types, but he seemed to fed a nice mix of pitches.
• Displayed good line drive power, but no elite power during the game. I missed batting practice, but I heard he showed good power then.
• His swing is good, good base, keeps hands in tight, shoulder up, compact.

• Adequate at 3B defense. Only a handful of balls were hit his way including knocking down a screaming line drive.

• 3.65 time to 1B.

In my limited viewing of college players this season, he is by far the best I have seen.

Other notes:
New Mexico’s freshman shortstop, Jared Holley, made some great plays.

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