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  1. I get a MySQL error each time I try to use the batted ball location or the angle report. Is there something I should be doing differently?

  2. Just a quick note of thanks for the hitter heatmaps tool.

    It’s now eaten two full days. 😉

    Chris O’Leary

  3. Is there any chance you could create customizable tables for each umpire to show how many strikes were called balls and vice versa?

  4. I probably could, let me add to my to do list. It may just be a table on the website.

  5. Jeff,

    I’m currently beginning to write for and and I could use your help. Although I’ve read the definitions of the variables found on the heat map I’m still having trouble understanding what I’m looking at. Specifically, what do the different colors mean, and what is the graph from 0-1.0 located on the right of the maps. In context for an article I am writing, I was hoping to compare C. Davis’ 2012 to 2013 heat maps to see if I could discern an underlying reason for his success last year. Spray charts didn’t tell me much so I turned here, but am, admittedly, beyond my depth. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


  6. Seeing the 0 to 1 scale, I think you are looking at the swinging zones. The values are the decimal equivalent of percentages. A value of 1 means the hitter swings in the strike zone 100% of the time, 0 mean 0% of the time, .50 is 50%.

  7. I am getting an SQL error in my browser.

    You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘ORDER BY angabs DESC LIMIT 300’ at line 19

    Gone as far as to install MySQL but of course that only made my head hurt more…

    Any suggestions? It was working and then suddenly the error popped up.

  8. Do you think you could add pitcher heat maps to the site? I think this would be one hack of an addition! Like the ones for hitters. Where do they throw what pitch in which location. Also the run value heat maps could be interesting.

    great work with this site!

  9. I realize this might be an absurd request but if “against the shift? yes/no” could be an option I would be inordinately appreciative.

  10. The batted ball tool either does not work, or does not have clear instructions. There did not seem to be any combination of inputs that would result in data. I tried different date ranges from this year, last year, etc. I tried clicking some pitch types, I tried leaving them all blank. I tried selecting just one batted ball type instead of two. I tried a ton of different combinations, and nothing worked.

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