Cheslor Cuthbert

11/5/12 - Times to First Part 18 - I R Fast - Clint Hulsey
Cheslor Cuthbert: 4.47 secs

11/5/12 - Scouting Report on Cheslor Cuthbert - I R Fast - Clint Hulsey

He looks a little big (stocky), slow, and awkward at 3rd base.I have seen questions about whether he will stick at 3rd base or not, and I can see why. He doesn’t seem to move well, as stated, and his hands (something I don’t really talk about that often) seem to “not be soft”. The ball seems to clank off his glove and hands a lot. Whether this is just general clumsiness that comes with being young and continuing to learn or a “natural ability” remains to be seen


At the plate, he has a fake strike where he brings his leg and foot up (but not out, so no stride) only to put it down before the ball gets there and starts his swing. This is usually not a positive, but the swing and bat control both seem to be solid. He can go get low pitches and seems to have the ability to handle high pitches. Probably more of a line drive guy right now, but you could see Culbert develop a little bit of power, and there does seem to be a slight (not big) uppercut in his swing. Breaking balls seem to get him out of his element and his swing, or at least from what I have seen.

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