Bubba Starling Swing Breakdown

In a Fanshot at RoyalsReview, some asked to have explained what is wrong with his swing. I created a few .gifs of a typical swing of his and here are the problems:

Full swing for reference


He has a small hitch (dropping of the hands). Ignore the drop from the knees, instead his hand placement.This may or may not be a problem. It can lead to downward momentum and dropping the back shoulder

And he drops is back elbow quite a bit. Once the elbow/shoulder drops, the only way to hit a ball with power is to sky it. One way to see what I mean is to do it yourself. Stand as if you are going to hit a ball and have your back shoulder/elbow down and swing. The only option is to pop it up.


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3 thoughts on “Bubba Starling Swing Breakdown

  1. Great stuff Jeff. I love when saberists know what they’re talking about mechanically as well.

  2. Back elbow HAS to drop. That is how you hit with power. Needs to be next to back hip at contact.

    I don’t like the head drop. But overall, he’s late on the swing in question. Typical mistimed pop-up.

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