Bryan Brickhouse

4/30/13 - Mark Smith of FanGraphs

Brickhouse started the game by hitting 93-95 in the first inning, and he sat 90-92 the rest of the game. His secondaries, however, were nowhere near good enough to get hitters off his fastball. The fastball alone could make him a middle reliever, but he won’t be anything more than that without another pitch.

12/30/12 - Collection of Minor League Velocity from I R Fast by Clint Hulsey

Fastball Velocity = 93-95 mph

6/19/12 - Scouting Reports on the Idaho Chukars and Orem Owlz - I R Fast - Clint Hulsey

He looked sort of like a guy that was making his professional debut. He had very raw control that fluctuated between decent and awful. At one time in the game, he walked 3 in a row. It was a disastrous outing where he didn’t make it out of the 2nd. He was throwing quite a bit of curves, and had some real problems with it. He wasn’t throwing it for strikes, but he did end the 1st with some good ones. His fastball hit 94 MPH and in the first inning he was getting ahead with it, throwing a lot of strikes, but also giving up a lot of fouls. He gave up a homer in the first, but when he throws the fastball near the zone, he is too advanced for his league with that velocity.

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