Better Seasons Than Miguel Cabrera’s Season Since 1967

Miguel Cabrera hit the following this this year and won the AL Triple Crown:

  • 44 HRs
  • .330 AVG
  • 139 RBI

Since 1967 when Carl Yastrzemski achieve the last triple crown, 3 players have put up equal or better numbers in all 3 categories and none won the triple crown. Manny was the only hitter to league the league in a stats and that was RBIs.

Player HR BA RBI Year Age Tm
Albert Pujols 49 .331 137 2006 26 STL
Todd Helton 49 .336 146 2001 27 COL
Manny Ramirez 44 .333 165 1999 27 CLE

Here is how each ended up in the MVP voting:

  • Pujols – 2nd behind Ryan Howard
  • Helton – 9th behind Bonds, Sosa, Gonzalez, Pujols, Berkman, Green, Bagwell and C. Jones
  • Ramirez – 3rd behind Rodriquez and Martinez and tied with Alomar.

2 thoughts on “Better Seasons Than Miguel Cabrera’s Season Since 1967

  1. Fun facts. I wouldn’t even consider those 1999 and 2001 season stats. The reason they could hit 49 homers and not lead the league or the fact that it took 165 RBI’s to lead, was because there was so much Juicing going on. How ever Pujoles 2006 season was a great season. And the Cards won the WS that year against the Tigers. Both were wild cards IIRC. When A guy hit for those kind of numbers and carries his team to a WS championship, he deserves the MVP as well. Miggy had a higher AVG, but it was Freddy sanchez that won the batting crown I think.

  2. It’s logically inconsistent to say that the 1999-2001 seasons should be discounted because of juicing and not give the same warning about Cabrera’s season. Yes, Helton and Manny were most likely using PEDs, but most likely so is Miggy. If you don’t think it’s likely you haven’t been paying much attention to the way PED use has evolved in sports in the last decade.

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