Aroni Nina

1/23/13 - Nathaniel Stoltz of FanGraphs

So, we’ve established that Aroni Nina has awesome raw stuff. But he still ended the year with pedestrian numbers, especially given that he was a 23-year-old reliever in Low-A. He pitched to a 4.19 ERA and a 77/45 K/BB in 86 innings,, with a strikeout rate of 20%–solid, but hardly reflective of the arsenal shown above. He did allow just two homers all year, good for a 3.70 FIP, but that’s still hardly outstanding.

4/30/13 - Mark Smith of FanGraphs

Nina sat 88-91 for most of his outing, but he did uncork a few 93 and 94 mph fastballs in the first inning. Like Brickhouse, the secondaries were nothing special, and worse than Brickhouse, he’s already 23. But arms that throw 93-94 don’t grow on trees, and if he can do that in one-inning stints, there’s some value there.

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