Albert Pujols Historic Level of Decline

For 2012, Albert Pujols had a projected OPS of 0.933 by the Marcel projection system. Since 1954, 255 players have had an OPS within +/- 0.025 of Albert’s projected. ┬áSo far this season, he has hit for an OPS of 0.539. If he is to continue hitting at this rate (extremely unlikely), he would have the lowest OPS of any of the 255 similar players. ┬áHere are the 5 players that produced the lowest OPS in the season they were projected to have an OPS similar to Pujol’s OPS.

Name OPS Year
Travis Hafner 0.628 2008
Roy Campanella 0.686 1954
Scott Rolen 0.706 2005
Dick Allen 0.712 1975
Willie McCovey 0.719 1972

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