Aging Curve for RH and LH Hitters

I spent some time trying to figure out if LH or RH hitting prospects had more of a learning curve in the majors (I have been watching too much of Alex Gordon, Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas). I thought LHH would struggle more, but I just ran into some sampling size issues and ditched the project.

One item I did find interesting was an aging curve for all hitters divided my handedness from 2007 to current.



RHH have a bump in talent at their age 24 to 25 season while LHH just decline. I am not sure why, but it happens.

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One thought on “Aging Curve for RH and LH Hitters

  1. My guess is that if you split LHH into two groups - throws right and throws left - that the LHH/LHT will be the same as the RHH/RHT and it is the LHH/RHT that declines before age 24. The reason being that the aging curve is mostly a function of natural changes in muscle strength/build/etc - not learned skills. A LHH/RHT learns to bat lefty - but they are still naturally a righty and things like muscle strength and eye dominance and such are still going to develop ‘righty’ where it won’t benefit their lefty batting. Since they learn to bat lefty way way before age 24 that separate learning curve improvement occurs before that aging chart even begins.

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