Raul (Adalberto) Mondesi

11/16/13 - Nathaniel Stoltz - FanGraphs

There’s plenty to like here. Defensively, Mondesi seems to have soft hands, fluid actions and a nice arm, and I don’t see any reason he can’t be a sound defensive shortstop. He did make 30 errors in 2013, but that’s fairly typical for teenage left-side infielders and is not a long-term concern at this point. His athleticism should also allow him to contribute on the basepaths at higher levels.

With a high likelihood of being valuable in the speed-and-defense game, Mondesi doesn’t need to set the world on fire offensively to become a playable starter. Still, he has a lot of potential on the offensive side of the ball, even if it still hasn’t quite bubbled to the surface yet.


Don’t expect Mondesi to suddenly hit .300 or start clearing fences regularly, but don’t be surprised if he posts 2013-esque numbers this coming year and follows that up with a big breakout in Double-A in the following campaign…which he’ll open at age 19. Mondesi’s two-way potential and polish give him a very bright future.

5/16/13 JD Sussman at FanGraphs

As he matures, Bonifacio’s swing will too. And so will his body. Right now, he’s easily an above-average runner, but whether he will retain his speed is a major question. Given his present size and his age, it’s easy to see him outgrowing right field should his athleticism dissipate.

4/17/13 - Clint Scoles - Pine Tar Press

There is plenty of development time for Mondesi but as I project him now I’d say he’s a future .280-.300 hitter with potential 10-15 HR power that wouldn’t shock me if it ticked up.

In the field Raul showed instincts, range and a good arm showing that he will make him a future stud at the position showing that all his tools are more than enough currently with future refinement being the only thing he needs to be ready defensively.


4/30/13 - Mark Smith of FanGraphs

Offensively, Mondesi is as raw as you might expect a 17-year old to be. He starts in a slightly crouched position, and he doesn’t take a stride or have much of a load. The problem is his ability to recognize off-speed pitches as he instantly shifts his weight forward, and if the pitch isn’t a fastball, he ends up way out on his front foot and lunging at the ball. Mondesi, however, is a patient hitter and frequently worked the count, and he even showed a little pop on a few fly balls, including one off the right-center wall. There’s a lot to like here, but he needs some time.


3/5/13 - #91 Prospect by Bullpen Banter

A lot of things work in Mondesi’s favor going forward as a potentially helium watch candidate.  For one, the contact skills that he displays at such a young age are phenomenal.  As he gains maturity, it’s imperative for Mondesi to learn plate discipline as he makes one of the toughest jumps in the minors to full season ball.  While I feel it’s a little too soon to anoint Mondesi the “Next Profar”, I feel this kid’s prospect stock is about to explode.

10/2/12 - Times to First Part 12 - I R Fast - Clint Hulsey
Adalberto Mondesi: 4.10 secs

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