Cost Per Month by Month Signed

Matt Swartz recently ran an article at Fangraphs on cost per WAR for free agents. I asked him if he could break down the data by month. Here is the results:

Month $ (millions)/WAR Count
October 7.35 18
November 5.91 118
December 5.13 251
January 3.51 226
February 3.76 140
March 3.70 45

As it can be seen, the longer a team waits to sign a player, the better the deal. As a Royals fan, I am so glad Dayton Moore just jumped all over Bruce Chen early in free agency.

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One thought on “Cost Per Month by Month Signed

  1. Could it be due to over-valuing high WAR players? The aging DHs and middle relievers are often the last pieces added.

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