Billy Butler and Jeff Francoeur First Pitch Swing Comparison

Butler and Francoeur are almost polar opposites when it come to taking a walk.  Billy has walked 11.1% of the time this season while Frenchy has only walked 6.3% of the time.  Here a visual look at how the two compare on the first pitch of the count this season:



Francoeur’s values subtracted from Billy’s values

Francoeur is generally going to swing at every pitch 10% to 30% points more than Butler on the first pitch with anything on the inside part of the plate get swung by Francoeur 80% of the time.

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2 thoughts on “Billy Butler and Jeff Francoeur First Pitch Swing Comparison

  1. I’m sorry if this is explained elsewhere on the site, but the color code represents what? run values?

  2. The strike zone is from the catcher/umpire’s perspective. The square is the rule book strike zone and the circle is added for visual reference. The scale is the percent that the player swings at pitch in that part of the strike zone. If the player is being compared to the league average or another player, the values are the difference in percentage points. The zone is not in any way adjusted for the player’s height.

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